Using SSH key authentification on a Synology NAS for remote rsync backups

Synology DiskStations are awesome. The DSM web interface is both powerful and easy to use and is constantly improving. One thing I have struggled with, though, has been setting up public key authentification in order to allow automated scripts to push backups to the NAS via rsync. Here is how it can be done. First, […]


I finally found some time to upload the few tutorials I’ve written. They are available here or in the menu at the top of the page, all under the CC BY-NC-SA license so feel free to use them in your courses or presentations. If you do so I’d be happy to hear about it!


kicad2bom is a simple tool which is able to extract the list of components from a set of Kicad projects, apply usual select/sort/filter operations, and output the result either on the standard output or in a CSV file. Its goal is to make generating components shopping cart as quick and easy as possible (when used […]