Understanding Kotlin’s coroutines

I am currently in the process of porting an Android app and I am therefore learning Kotlin at the same time, since this is now the recommended language for Android development. I have to say, I like this new language a lot : it reminds me of the conciseness and expressiveness of Python but with […]

Silver project update : making the case, then throwing everything out and starting again from scratch

The last post about this project aimed at building a long-range camera remote control ended with a few working prototypes in need of a case. Designing such a case to be practical, good looking and easy enough to manufacture in small quantities proved to be way more complicated than I expected however, and it lead […]

Silver – an open-source, long-range camera remote control

Update : see the new version here. Wired remote controls for DSLR cameras are incredibly cheap and are easy to find for about any camera brand out there nowadays. They prove very handy when you need to trigger the shot while you are away from the camera, such as for studio photography. The better ones […]

Using SSH key authentification on a Synology NAS for remote rsync backups

Synology DiskStations are awesome. The DSM web interface is both powerful and easy to use and is constantly improving. One thing I have struggled with, though, has been setting up public key authentification in order to allow automated scripts to push backups to the NAS via rsync. Here is how it can be done. First, […]


I finally found some time to upload the few tutorials I’ve written. They are available here or in the menu at the top of the page, all under the CC BY-NC-SA license so feel free to use them in your courses or presentations. If you do so I’d be happy to hear about it!